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Toddler Classes

Class is currently not available.
Due to COVID-19, class schedules are subject to change.

Toddler classesToddler II: 16-23 Months
Parents and children attend class together. Class divides for discussion time and children have age appropriate planned activities, snacks and outside playtime. Topics include: Temper Tantrums, Potty Training, Limit Setting and more. Includes lab fee. The child must be at least 16 months by the first day of class. 

Adult Students must be at least 18 years of age to register.


Room: AD-1 (Parent Education Department Office)

Office Hours:  Mon. - Fri. - 8:30-4:30

Phone: 925-685-7340 ext 6720



The class is not currently available. For more information, please contact the parent education department:

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