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Fees and Refunds

MDAE Fees and Refund policy


Fees are based on a minimum number of enrollments. Classes may be canceled, hours reduced, or fees increased if minimum enrollments are not achieved.


Cash, check, money order, or credit card (Visa, Mastercard, and Discover) accepted at either Loma Vista Adult Center or at Pleasant Hill Education Center. A bank fee is charged on all returned checks.


For all Adult Education classes, not including CTEC programs, requests for refunds must be received no later than two working days prior to the start of class. A $15 processing fee will be deducted from each refund. No refunds after class start date. A full refund (no processing fee) will be given to students if Adult Education cancels the class. Refunds for CTEC programs are made according to a specified refund schedule. For refund details, see Board Policy and Administrative Regulation #6200.

CTEC Refund Policy

Refunds of registration and non-expended lab fees for Career and Technical Education Center programs of a duration of 13 weeks or more (Programs) are based on the percentage of class time lapsed relative to the total number of hours in the program according to the following schedule.

 Percentage of Class Time Lapsed

 Percentage of Refunded Registration Fees
 Time of Registration—Day 1 of Program   100% minus $15 processing fee
 Day 2—10% of class days  90%
10.1%—25% of class days  50%
25.1%—50% of class days  25%
50.1% and over of class days    0
  • Non-refundable costs include textbooks, CPR card, uniform voucher, testing fees, and any other items or services that have already been acquired by the student.
  • If a withdrawal or dismissal from a Program occurs after the student has received Title IV (Pell) funds, the student may be liable for payment to the federal government and/or to Mt. Diablo Adult Education, according to the parameters of this Refund Policy.
  • This Policy applies in all instances of a student's withdrawal from the Career Technical Education Center Program regardless of reason (voluntary withdrawal or dismissal from Program.)

(Note: Refund Policy for CTEC classes that meet for fewer than 13 weeks is Mt. Diablo Adult Education's standard refund policy as published.)