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Career and Technical Education Center

Information for Future Students:

All program start dates have been moved to Fall 2020.

For individuals wishing to enter the Fall Surgical Technologist Program: Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, all dates will be determined upon school reopening. Please check the website for updated dates and information. The fall start date may be postponed to winter.

Information for Current Students
CTEC Programs

Most classes and programs will be postponed for the duration of school closure . End dates will be extended OR hours will be added to each day of class to make up missed lecture and lab time, as applicable. Some classes will have coursework to be completed through Canvas or other online platforms.Please be sure you are checking your Canvas regularly and communicate any questions, concerns, or issues to your instructor via cell phone or email.
For students on externship:
Current students who are on externship should continue to attend IF authorized by their externship site staff, unless:

  1. They do not feel comfortable attending or are unable to attend due to childcare, finances, etc.

  2. They exhibit symptoms of any illness (fever, coughing), and should not return for at least 14 days or until approved by their primary care physician. 

Current students who have their externship suspended due to the COVID-19 Pandemic should communicate with their externship instructor.

  1. This is an historic, unprecedented event, which has had global implications for externship placements, especially within healthcare facilities. 

  2. Instructors will continue to work on student placements by contacting facilities regularly and will provide an updated placement as soon as possible.

For all students:
Please note: We are awaiting guidance from various accrediting and approval agencies on measures that are authorized and what requirements, if any, are flexible or able to be adjusted due to the unprecedented nature of the COVID-19 Pandemic.
Resources for Grocery, Food,or Unemployment Assistance

District food supports for families with youth under 18: English Spanish

Groceries for families in Contra Costa County

Unemployment information for loss of work due to COVID-19

Mt. Diablo Unified School District website for updated district information

Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA)


11 Weeks - Fall 2020

The CNA Training Program teaches
the technical and professional skills
necessary to effectively work as a
nursing assistant and pass the
National Certification Exam.

Computer Applications Training


7 Months (T/TH)
Starting Fall 2020

The Computer Applications Certification
Course covers beginning and intermediate
skills in Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint,
Outlook, and Windows 10. The course
prepares students to take the 
Microsoft Certifying Exams for each
of the above applications.

Dental Assistant

              Dental Assistant

Under a Year - Starting Fall 2020

The Registered Dental Assistant (RDA)
program prepares students with the 
knowledge, skills, and qualifications to
work in a dental office or clinic and pass
the RDA examination. 

Emergency Medical Technician (EMT)


19 Weeks (evenings),
Starting Fall 2020

The EMT program prepares students with
the skills and clinical experience to care
for and transport sick and/or injured to a 
medical facility. The program meets the
National Registry Emergency Medical
Technician (NREMT) examination standards

Medical Assistant

Medical Assistant

28 Weeks, Starting Fall 2020

The Medical Assistant program cross trains
students in both the clinical and 
administrative functions of a medical office.
Graduates meet the qualifying standards to
pass the NCCT Medical Assistant
Certifying Exam.

Office Professional

Office Professional

7 Months, Starting Fall 2020

This course prepares students for
employment as an Administrative
Assistant or other office professional.
The Office Professional Course covers
Microsoft applications, employment skills preparation, business office training,
and includes a 10-week externship.

Surgical Technologist

Surg Tech

12 Months, Starting Fall 2020

The Surgical Technologist program prepares
students to work in a clinic, medical center,
or hospital assisting the surgeon. The
program includes both classroom and
clinical experience. The one-year course
prepares you to take the National Certification
Exam for Surgical Technologists (CST).



Room: C5

Office Hours:  
8:00 a.m.–4:30 p.m.

Phone: 925-685-7340 ext. 6730




The Career and Technical Education Center (CTEC) fully prepares adults to be successfully employed in demand occupations.


CTEC is committed to providing high quality education and training in a supportive setting in partnership with business and industry enabling students to be fully prepared to succeed in their chosen occupations and industry sectors.

CTEC is also committed to collaborating with other agencies and organizations in creating and sustaining an efficient workforce and economic development system.

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