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Our Teachers Shine!

Glenda (Boldhi) Young

Glenda YoungGlenda (Bodhi) Young has been with Mt. Diablo Adult Education for a year and a half. She treasures her students and she commutes over an hour each day, each way to teach them Algebra and Pre-Algebra. The students appreciate how she takes difficult concepts and explains them in ways that they can understand. Ms. Young loves to see the students’ self-esteem soar as they become masters of Algebra I. In the short time Ms. Young has been here, she has transformed math from the class that everyone fears, to a class that everyone enjoys and looks forward to attending. When you visit her class, you will see her using her Starboard to provide direct instruction on concepts such as graphing and solving equations. Math CAHSEE scores have risen dramatically during her watch! Now Ms. Young is working to help students pass the new GED® (2014) math test and preparing them for the community colleges’ Accuplacer exam. Her dedication to her students and her ability to help students succeed in math make Glenda (Bodhi) Young a shining teacher at MDAE! 

Christine Paynton

Christine PayntonChristine Paynton has helped over 1500 students pass the GED tests. She loves to learn and she loves people so she puts them together by teaching. The new 2014 GED® tests have certainly brought on more challenges, but Ms. Paynton is meeting them head on! Not only does she help teachers and students at Mt. Diablo Adult Education, but she organizes GED meetings to help teachers all over the Bay Area learn about the new tests.