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Office Professional

classes begin Spring 2023!


Orientation is the first step to enrolling in the Office Professional, Program. 
Click here to register for Orientation. 

During Orientation, you will learn more about the Office Professional program as well as the next steps to take to enroll in the program. 

About the office professional program

  1. Length of Program: 7 Months
  2. Cost: $2,763 - FAFSA, WIOA and payment plan available! Includes fee to complete Microsoft Exams.
  3. Schedule: 8:30 am - Noon M-T-W-TH*

*Hours may vary especially during externship in an office. Classes are a combination of on-campus and remote via Zoom.

Program objectives

  • Provide opportunities to gain, update, and improve technical and clerical workplace skills. 
  • Prepare students for general office positions such as secretary or administrative assistant. 
  • Develop employment competencies commonly required in business offices.

program requirements for graduation

  • Meet the minimum attendance requirements.
  • Maintain at least an 80% on skills, assignments, assessments, and participation.
  • Obtain a minimum keyboarding speed of 35 nwpm.
  • Successfully completes an externship.

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Requirements: Completed 2-day Orientation, high school diploma or GED, and health insurance.

job outlook

Administrative Assistants, in the East Bay Area for 2020 made an average wage of $50,095 annually, or $24.08 hourly.

(Source: California Employment Development Department)

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