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Adults with Disabilities

Program Description

The Adults with Disabilities program is composed of three unique programs serving the needs of adults with disabilities.
Life Skills

The Life Skills Program - For adults with developmental and intellectual disabilities. 


The On Track Program

The On Track Program
 Addresses the unique needs of adults with acquired or traumatic brain injury (ABI/TBI).


The Transition Options Program
The Transition Options Program (TOPS) - The Transition Options Program (TOPS) serves adults with ASD who have completed their high school diploma and are preparing for higher education, employment, and/or independent living.

Life Skills Program — For Adults with Developmental Disabilities

Life Skills ProgramThe Life Skills program provides education and training in independent living skills, work readiness skills, social/relationship skills, computer skills and functional academics. This program is supported by the Regional Center of the East Bay.

Check out our School of Rock blog to see what we're working on in the program.

For more information call (925) 685-7340, Ext. 6721.

Transition Options Program (TOPS)

TTOPS student working in the cafehis is a one of a kind program providing education and support to adults who are transitioning to higher education, independent living and/or employment. Students receive education and support in successfully navigating life’s on-going transitions including: higher education, independent living, employment and the establishment of fulfilling adult social relationships.

The curriculum is comprehensive and specifically designed to meet the individual needs of participants.

For more information, call (925) 685-7340, Ext. 6721.

On Track—A Program for Adults with Acquired or Traumatic Brain Injury (ABI/TBI)

On Track students in the parkThe On Track program provides a structured environment that assists individuals with ABI to relearn old skills, develop new coping skills, increase independence, learn about community resources, build self-esteem, and improve cognitive skills.

Unlike any other program in the Bay Area, we provide cognitive retraining, memory skills development, independent living skills and career exploration at an affordable price.

Emphasis is placed on self-esteem building, understanding one's own injury, cognitive skill building, and personal goal setting.  Check out our blog to see how we're surviving and thriving after ABI/TBI

For more information call (925) 685-7340, Ext. 2747.

Workplace Essential Skills

Workplace Essential Skills at two hospitality Internship programs and provides instruction in professionalism, workplace safety and vocabulary, communication skills, problem solving, and preemployment skills. In addition to classroom instruction, participants receive full workplace immersion training at a local hotel. These are paid internship programs and participants must be a consumer of the Regional Center of the East Bay and have successfully completed the screening and interview process for the internship.

VistAbility Hospitality Internship program: Embassy Suites by Hilton, Walnut Creek. This is a 9-month paid internship program for 6 interns. For more information and to apply, please contact Barbara Saylor at

Toolworks Hospitality Internship program: Walnut Creek Marriott. This is a 6-month paid internship program for 3 interns. For more information contact: Kelly Kramer, at or Terry Goodwin at

Student intern at the Embassy SuitesStudent intern at the Embassy Suites

All programs strive to prepare students for the highest level of personal independence possible including the least restrictive living environment, volunteer and/or paid employment, establishment of healthy relationships and the pursuance of personal growth and development. This is achieved through establishing individual student goals that are measurable and evaluated on a consistent basis with the support and assistance from instructional staff.


Room: AD1
Office Hours:  Mon-Fri 8:00am-4:30pm
Phone: (925) 685-7340, ext. 6720
Contact: Karen Lingenfelter,
                 Program Coordinator

All programs require a phone interview and a visit to the program for potential students. A waitlist may exist in any program. 


The mission of the Adults with Disabilities Program is to provide high quality programs and classes which support the development of independence, work readiness, personal growth and participation in the community, in an atmosphere which promotes self-acceptance, mutual respect, self-determination, choice, dignity and personal fulfillment


Upon leaving the program, students will have the knowledge, skills, self-confidence and supports necessary to successfully participate in the community through achieving the highest level of personal independence possible including the least restrictive living environment, volunteer and/or paid employment, establishment of healthy relationships, and the pursuance of personal growth and fulfillment.